Featured artists

GDFAS has aimed to use local artists' work both for publicity materials and this website. More information can be found on each artist here.

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John Fisher, in collaboration with The Arts Society Blackheath, has produced the art work for the All Saints' Church Trail. John was born in Coventry in 1938 and educated at Camberwell School of Art. Since graduating he has practised in several media, including sculpture and printmaking, but in recent years has worked mainly in oil on paper and sometimes canvas. John has travelled widely in Europe and Asia in pursuit of subjects which satisfy his interest in architecture and landscape, recorded in ten one-man exhibitions, most recently his Writers' Rooms exhibitions of 2002, 2006, 2008 and 2010.

The Pepys BuildingPeter Kent's art features prominently around the website, including the panoramic view of the Thames at Greenwich above. His work is instantly recognisable and is on display throughout the world. From his Thameside studio in Greenwich he creates the most remarkable drawings of detailed representational views of urban scenes. More often than not these have a maritime theme, as his passion is for all things connected with the sea and rivers.

To describe him as a topographical artist, as many do, is accurate but somehow omits the uniqueness of his work. Yes, they are accurate views of buildings and townscapes but in addition there are some surprises; firstly they are nearly always aerial views and secondly there is often a twist – an artist’s comment, the inclusion of a piece of text that points to an aspect of history or, indeed, to a personal memory.